Homework Information

Students need to remember to do their homework and return it in their T.E.A.M.S. Folders daily for homework. Homework helps to review and practice skills learned in the classroom.

If there is a legitimate reason why a student is not able to finish homework, the parent must send a note on the day the homework is due stating the reason it was not complete. Without a note, students will be expected to do the work during recess time.

**Your Second Grade child 

should be reading

20 - 30 minutes daily.**

Let them read aloud to you!


Homework for a Second Grader should take about 30 minutes.

As a teacher and a busy mom, I know that homework can sometimes be a touchy subject. Life gets busy and there isn't always as much time as we would like. Here are some of my  tips for getting homework completed this school year:

1) Homework should not take more than a half hour each night. If it is taking your child longer, please let me know by email or by writing me a note on the homework sheet.
2) For most assignments, your child should be able to complete them independently; however, please check over their work when they are finished to be sure that they understood the directions. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE 100% CORRECT...I like to see how they are doing on their own. However, if you see your child struggling and you know how to help, please do.
3) Please help your child study weekly spelling words, vocabulary meanings, and any study guides that are sent home. Second graders are not very good at studying successfully on their own.
4) Always check your child's homework sheet. This should come home every night.  This is a valuable communication tool for me and you! If your child tells you there is no homework, and it's not a Friday, ask to see the homework sheet.
5) Provide a quiet space, free of distractions for your child to work...that should help it get finished quicker.
6) If there is ever an assignment that you and your child are confused about, please just have him/her try their best and write me a short note on the homework sheet. I will provide extra help for your child when I can.

Make sure your child is READING daily at home.  Students can also do xtramath.org at home too.

For Study Guides click on link below of the title of story.

Lesson 1- Arthurs Reading Race

Lesson 2-Frog and Toad All Year

Lesson 3-Henry and Mudge

Lesson 4-Dogs

Lesson 5-Neighborhood News

Lesson 6-Winners Never Quit

Lesson 7-Gus and Grandpa and the Two-Wheeled Bike

Lesson 8-The Great Ball Game

Lesson 9-Click Clack Moo

Lesson 10-Trip to the Fire Station

Lesson 11-Jamaica Louise James

Lesson 12-At Play Long Ago and Today

Lesson 13-Big Bushy Mustache

Lesson 14-Rain Forest Babies

Lesson 15-A Birthday Surprise

Lesson 16-Mr. Putter & Tabby Write the Book

Lesson 17-Annie's Gift

Lesson 18-Ah, Music!

Lesson 19-The Life of George Washington Carver

Lesson 20- What's My Job?

Lesson 21- A Chair For My Mother

Lesson 22- Serious Farm

Lesson 23- The Bee

Lesson 24- Watching the Wild

Lesson 25-Town Hall

Lesson 26-Where on Earth is my Bagel?

Lesson 27-My Name is Gabriela

Lesson 28-Let's Go Rock Collecting

Lesson 29-The Lizard and the Sun

Lesson 30-Cross Country Vacation

Homework will be given Monday through Thursday, and occassionally on Friday.

Special projects and assignments may be given to students throughout the year.

Spelling Tests will usually be given on Friday. Other subject tests will be given as chapters are completed. 

Weekly Math Drills will be given. Some will be timed, but that will not always be the case. Most will be on xtramath.org and students will occasionally bring home a Student Report. Practice, practice, practice.

Click here to find addition worksheets to practice drills.

Click here to find subtraction worksheets to practice drills.

Click below for the 2nd Grade Sight Word List... 

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