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Second Grade Supply List

-SS Peter & Paul Second Grade School Supply List-

Please bring the following items to school on our FIRST DAY of School (or Forms Night). Thank you.

~1 Backpack**

~1 One inch white binder w/ clear front pocket

~1 Ruler with in. & cm. (not needed until later in year)**

~1 Black composition notebook**

~2 Dry Erase Markers

~12 Yellow #2 pencils (Please sharpen them)

~2 Highlighters/ any colors

~1 Package of Post-It Notes/ any shape, any color

~1 Box of "CLASSIC COLOR" markers

~1 Box of 24 crayons/ standard colors

~4 Glue sticks/ more may be requested later

~1 Package of Copy Paper

~Chapter Book or Activity Book to Keep in Desk**

~1 Watercolor paints, 8 count only**

~2 Boxes of tissues

We often work cooperatively so many of our supplies are shared.

Only items with ** need to be labeled with your child's name.


Wish List items/ not required

~Box of storage baggies/ any size

~Roll of paper towels

~Antibacterial disinfecting wipes

~Package of Colored Copy Paper

~Colored Pencils

~Box of Tissues for Library/Computer Lab


Any questions email Mrs. Gertz at

If there are any concerns or issues with supply list, please let me know and we can work something out.


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Second Grade Supply List 2018-2019